Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Halloween Party Guide

A New York Nights Special Report

So you went out and got the slutty flight attendant/ nurse/ vampire costume and now you need someplace to wear it, right?

You can’t go trick or treating. You’re about 15 years too old for that and you can afford your own damn candy.

You could go to the
Halloween parade in the Village, but what about the weekend before? And what are you going to do after the parade, just go home?

The answer here is simple. You need a party. We can help.

New York Nights has compiled a list of the major Halloween resources in the city. Use this as your one stop shop for finding parties, buying tickets and planning your night.

Halloween 2007 List
Myspace Events
New York Magazine
Parties This Week
Time Out New York

After Halloween, you can use our
Lifestyle page to find the latest events on a regular basis.

Now you’re ready. All you need to do is buy some candy.


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